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The safety of food products from wild animal hunting reserves

Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. 2 Issue 2
Written by Ymer ELEZI, Kastriot KORRO, Luljeta QAFMOLLA, Gëzime SHEHU

The study was conducted in a hunting reserve in northeastern areas, Albania, in animals and wild birds such as stock dove, partridges, turtledoves and boars. The Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary (IFSV) Tirana, Albania, conducted the test in 158 samples taken from animals and birds. In order to achieve the analytical procedure of isolation and identification of Salmonellas the Standard method (ISO) was used, whereas for the serological identification, antiserum salmonele were used according to the White-Kayffmann scheme. The latest was mainly used to determine the exact species that used salmonelare antisera, Kauffmann-White scheme. After checking, the total positive samples resulted 49.31%, from which the E. coli 20, or 12.6% and salmonella 29, or 18.4%. Positive samples from poultry meat resulted in E. coli 13.3% and salmonella 10%, positive samples of pork resulted in E. coli 5% and salmonella 25%. Positive samples of eggs: E. coli 11.1%, salmonella 22.1%. The results also show that the samples with higher positivity result were turtle eggs, and less positive were doves and quails. Tests were also conducted from stool samples the results show as follows: Birds E. coli 8% and salmonella 16%, whereas pork with E. coli 10% and salmonella 30%. From the examined samples 5 strains of Salmonella spp were isolated and identified, the larges affected was that in birds i.e stock dove, partridges, turtledoves. Due to this 4 types of Salmonela were isoleted and detected: Salmonella agony, Salmonella entertidis, Salmonella infantis, from birds and also one from boar Salmonella typhimurium.

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