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Beef meatballs adulteration tests with real time quantitative pcr detection for halal authentication - case studies sellers at traditional market and small medium enterprises (SMEs) merchants in Indonesia

Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 3, Number 2
Written by Balia OOSTITA, Hendronoto Arnoldus Walewangko LENGKEY, Lilis SURYANINGSIH, Obin RACHMAWAN, Wendy Setyadi PUTRANTO, Eka WULANDARI, Gemilang Lara UTAMA

The increase of beef price trigger meatballs adulteration which using pork. Protein specific identification in processed food like meatballs getting difficult because there are possibilities of protein breakdown caused by process. Therefore, molecular approach such as real time quantitative polymerase chain reaction was done to identify pork addition in beef meatballs and give halal authentication as safety warranty to the consumer. Forty eight samples taken purposively from 21 SMEs merchants and 21 sellers at traditional market around Jatinangor education centre. The result shown all the merchant and sellers sold halal beef meatballs, because no adulterated beef meatballs found.

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