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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 5, Number 1
Written by Yusuf AYDIN, Burak SALTUK, Atılgan ATILGAN, Ali YÜCEL, Koray ÖZRENK

Growing of Siirt type of pistachio has a significant potential in the agriculture of Siirt province. As a result of the studies on this issue performed by public and legal institutions in recent years, while about 2000 tons of products were taken from the area in 4545.3 ha in 2002, these values reached about 11.000 tons of products in 25.000 ha by the end of 2014. Considering the climatic conditions of the region, the fact that summer is very hot and irregularity in the precipitation regime further increase the importance of irrigation and make it necessary for cultural practices in farming. However, pistachio orchards are not irrigated or tried to be contented with a little water due to the reasons such as the topographical structure of the area where farming is performed, irrigation water constraints, and any other reasons. The questionnaire study was carried out to determine the local farmers' tendencies on Siirt pistachio irrigation, problems faced, and the solution offers. For this purpose, the questionnaire form consisting of 40 questions was prepared, and data were collected using the Simple Random Sampling method. By this method, questionnaires were filled in by making face to face interviews with 177 farmers in 73 villages of 7 districts where farming is intensively performed. The obtained data were analyzed using MINITAB 16 statistical program. As a result of the statistical analyses, an attempt to contribute to the solution of the problems was made by developing solutions to identified problems.

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