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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 5, Number 2
Written by Minodora TUDORACHE, Ioan CUSTURA, Ilie VAN, Andrei MARMANDIU, Paul ANTON

This paper describes a sequence from a massive experiment analyzing quality of semen material and breeding efficiency in roosters from hybrid ROSS 308. Study was performed to observe influence of some environmental factors (light intensity and poultry density) and of litter type on body weight in males during rising period (0-18 weeks). Several males were used (14 500 cap) in three experimental procedures (A - with analyze parameters sub-standard and litter made of chopped straws B - with analyze parameters above standard and litter made of rice hulls and C - with analyze parameters at the level recommended by the manufacturer of biological material and litter made of wood shavings). In group A body weight values were mostly under standard growth curve and differences were highly significant statistically. In group B body weight values were above standard growth curve (differences highly significant) and in group C A body weight values were close to standard (differences not significant statistically). Comparison of average body weights of individuals from the three groups has revealed that differences between groups are highly significant statistically during whole raising period except weeks 15-16. Therefore it is advisable the usage of analyzed parameters at values slightly above standard for the possibility to obtain poultries with higher body weight more able to resist to transfer stress de and a smaller mortality during next period to create the ground for good breading results of future adults.

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