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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 8, Number 1
Written by Oana-Alina BOIU-SICUIA, Călina Petruța CORNEA

Endophytes are plant associated microorganisms that colonize the inner parts of the plants without causing disease symptoms. The associations between endophyte microbiota and their host plants are diverse and complex. The load and spectrum of endophytes varies with the host plant, host tissue and plant part, plant age and environmental conditions in which host plants are growing. It is believed that only a small percent of endophytes can be cultivated, therefore isolation and growth procedures are essential in endophyte harvesting. The plant surface disinfection procedures are also important, as they eliminate the competition of rhizosphere and epiphyte microorganisms, while preserving the viability of the endophyte community. The interest in improving endophyte harvest is mostly due to their beneficial traits. Solid evidence revealed that endophytes are involved in plant growth promotion and protection against biotic and abiotic stress. Beside the agricultural benefits, there are also aspects that involve environmental protection, where endophyte microorganisms improve the phytoremediation process. The isolation of new endophytic strains could also lead to new antibiotics detection. Therefore, endophytes are hunted for various biotechnological fields and processes.

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