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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 8, Number 1
Written by Viorica CORBU, Tatiana VASSU, Ortansa CSUTAK

The yeast species Pichia ohmeri has been described as far, as biocontrol agent. The present work deals with the complex characterization of a new yeast strain CMGB-ST19 isolated from the surface of jam roses (Rosa damascena) petals. The conventional taxonomy tests and the BiologMicroLog system allowed the identification of CMGB-ST19 as Pichia ohmeri. The results were confirmed using ITS-PCR, the strain being renamed as Pichia ohmeri CMGB-ST19. Various tests were performed for determination of its biotechnological properties. P. ohmeri CMGB-ST19 presented good lipolytic activity and hydrolysed tributyrin releasing the butyric acid with positive impact on human health. Moreover, the strain showed antimicrobial activity against 11 Candida and Saccharomyces strains in presence of low pH values. During the preliminary assays for bioethanol and biosurfactants synthesis, significant growth rates were recorded after 24 hours on molasses, respectively, after 72 hours on D-xylose when morphological changes were also observed related to cell stress. In conclusion, P. ohmeri CMGB-ST19 represents an interesting newly characterized yeast strain with high potential for a wide range of biotechnological applications.

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