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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 8, Number 1
Written by Margaryta KORKHOVA, Antonina PANFILOVA, Anastasia CHERNOVA, Olga ROZHOK

The article presents the results of scientific research devoted to the study of the productivity of spelt wheat depending on the varietal characteristics and pre-sowing treatment of seeds with biopreparations. Field tests were carried out during 2016-2018 on the experimental field of the Educational, Scientific and Practical Center of the Mykolaiv National Agrarian University in four repetitions by the method of the split sites. It was studied the influence of varietal characteristics and pre-sowing seed treatment with Organic-balance and Liposam biopreparations on the main elements of productivity of winter wheat spelt in conditions of southern Ukraine. We found that all the studied factors had an impact on grain yield and the main elements of spelt wheat productivity. The largest number of productive stems (780 PCs/m²) and the highest height (131.5 cm) were formed by plants of the variety Zorya Ukrainy in the variant with pre-sowing treatment of seeds Organic-balance (1 l/t) + Liposam (0.3 l/t). We also determined that factor B (presowing treatment of seeds with biopreparations) did not significantly affect the formation of the main elements of the ear productivity, while factor A (varieties) had a significant impact. The most productive ear was at the Europa plant variety in the variant of pre-sowing seed treatment with Organic-balance + Liposam: ear grain content was 32.3 PCs the weight of the grain on 1 spike was 1.26 g. 1000 seeds weight was formed on the variety Zorya Ukrainy as 46.3 up to 47.0 g depending on pre-sowing seed treatment with biopreparations. It was found that the highest yield of spelt wheat (5.74 t ha-1) was obtained by sowing the variety Europa in the variant with pre-sowing treatment of seeds with Organicbalance and Liposam, but the difference between the first variant of seed treatment (Organic-balance) was insignificant.

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