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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 8, Number 1
Written by Anca Ioana LUCACI, Mirela MOLDOVEANU, Larisa FLORESCU, Roxana COJOC, Simona NEAGU, Robert RUGINESCU, Mădălin ENACHE

The present paper deals with the seasonal dynamics of microbial communities in Letea saline lake which is located nearby of the village with the same name by classical microbiological methods. The chloride content is variable, with values from 8.9 g/L (spring of 2018) up to 38.3 g/L (autumn of 2017). There are different similarities between the values obtained over seasons. Thus, in the spring of 2017, an average of 11.8 g/L was obtained, a value close to that obtained in the spring of 2018 (8.9 g/L). The average of chlorides in autumn 2016 (25.5 g/L) is relatively different to the autumn of 2017 (38.3 g/L). During the autumn of 2016 and spring of 2018, the dynamics of several microbial communities was assessed as follow: heterotrophic, sulphate reducing, ammonifying and denitrifying bacteria respectively. The recorded results revealed that the best represented communities appear to be ammonifying bacteria, being high in the spring months. Denitrifying bacteria have registered high values in autumn 2017 and sulphate reducing bacteria in April 2017. The dynamics of halophilic bacteria were also recorded and more than 100 strains were randomly selected for purification, characterization and extracellular enzymatic activity analyses for the future biotechnological applications.

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