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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 9, Number 1
Written by Adrian Ștefan DUMITRU, Gabriela CHIOVEANU, Gheorghe DOBRE, Mariana IONIŢĂ, Ioan Liviu MITREA

Bees and bee technologies are highly depending on the environmental factors. The seasonal dynamics of the bee colony are influenced by the both, bee technologies and quality and quantity of the nectaro-pollenifer sources. It is known that the impact of losses through bee mortality and colony unification (26.09%) due to the evolution of nosemosis are almost equal with the losses considered normal for the winter period, respectively of maximum 30%. The present study is based on observations carried out on the evolution of nosemosis during of three consecutive years (September, 2016 - March, 2019) in a stationary apiary in Romania. Investigations for the presence of Nosema spores in both living and dead bees were performed. Additionally, the presence of Nosema spores in honey, inside of the nests, before and after extraction was determined. The evolution and involution of the bee colonies were monitored according to the level of Nosema infection, by laboratory analyses on dead bees, especially during the first period of winter. The results clearly emphasized that, due to the presence of Nosema spores in the hive, in order to reduce the infectious pressure, it is imposing that in the spring the frames on which the bees have wintered to be reformed, even though they still have food resources (honey and bee-bread). Additionally, the breeding of bee colonies is recommended to be performed using only colony without the frames with food or frames from which hatched the brood, in order to avoid infection of the new colony.

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