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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 9, Number 1
Written by Paul SĂRĂCUȚ, Florin SALA

This study evaluated the relationship of interdependence between agrochemical indices of the soil in the pedoclimatic conditions of Beregsău area, Timiș County, Romania. The agrochemical indices that characterize the agricultural soil, were taken into consideration: soil pH, nitric nitrogen (NO3-), ammoniacal nitrogen (NO4+), mineral nitrogen (Nmin), phosphorus (P2O5), potassium (K2O), secondary macro-elements (Ca, Mg, S), sodium (Na), and microelements (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, and B). Very high positive correlation was recorded between Nmin and NO3- (r = 0.990), and very high negative correlation was recorded between Mn and pH (r = -0.973). High positive correlations were recorded between Cu and K (r = 0.857), between Cu and Mg (r = 0.834), and between Na and Mg, respectively (r = 0.893); high negative correlation was recorded between Mg and Ca (r = -0.855). Moderate positive correlations were recorded between B and pH (r = 0.783), between Mg and K (r = 0.700), and moderate negative correlations were recorded between Ca and K (r = -0.738), and respectively between Na and Ca (r = -0.703). Based on the values of the coefficients of variation (CV) it was appreciated that pH, and potassium had the highest degree of uniformity in the characterization of the studied soil. High degree of variation was recorded in the case of nitrogen (NO3-,

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