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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol 1, Issue 1
Written by Elisabeta DOBRESCU, Andreea RĂDUCU-LEFTER

The project aim is the discovery of historical identity through the cultural and functional residential garden of the Royal House of Romania. This work is necessary given the considerable reduction of historical landmarks and national cultural identity. The study shows the approach, analysis and strategy of the development project aiming to revitalize the Elisabeta Palace Garden, and the landscaping solution for the residential garden. The study of the monument as a whole involves detailed research that displays the potential landscape value of the space accompanying the royal residence in Romania and possibly its inclusion on the list of historical landscape monuments. Knowing the main aspects regarding the accounting and inventory of the elements that compose the historical garden also includes a range of information that would help the sustainable management strategy for the future. Not only the preservation and conservation but also the restoration and revitalization of the cultural heritage that was left to us is a paramount concern in the development of a cultural society. These testimonies of the past are very important milestones, necessary for understanding the value of the Romanian people. Maintaining and developing the landscape, in conjunction with the architectural values belonging to the historical monument, may lead to the future possibility of self-financing of all maintenance work required by the historical assembly. That imperative - self-financing - is present in all current studies of sustainable development and can be embedded in the marketing strategies of the monument.

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