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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 10, Number 1
Written by Rosalie Adina BĂLĂCEANU, Viorica CHIURCIU, Lucica SIMA, Teodora SUPEANU,Mihai Cristian MĂRGĂRIT, Mădălina CIOARIC

In the present paper, the metabolic profile was analysed in a group of adult Rhode Island hens extensively required for the production of IgY antibodies against bacterial entities. The results reveal changes in the leukocyte formula dominated by an increase in the percentage of heterophils and a decrease in the percentage of lymphocytes in the blood. An increase in the level of serum proteins with predominance of globulins is added to this. Increased uric acid levels were found also. Increased levels of GOT and GPT transaminases and -GT indicated an intensification of the protein metabolism, LDH and PA were not significantly modified. Regarding carbohydrate metabolism, it was found that serum glucose and lactate were maintained within physiological limits. The lipid profile was characterized by maintaining serum triglycerides and cholesterol within normal limits. Significant decrease in HDL and increase in LDL were interpreted as a decrease in the proteosynthetic capacity of the liver. The mineral profile was dominated by the increase of the level of sodium, iron, magnesium and calcium but by the decrease of the level of chlorine, potassium and phosphorus.

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