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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 10, Number 1
Written by Oksana ISKAKOVA, Valentina GAMAJUNOVA

Potatoes in Ukraine belong to the main food crops, it is used for food throughout the year for the high nutritional quality of tubers. However, despite the significant demand for potatoes, its yield remains low and there is a need to improve the technological methods of the crop growing, which contribute to both increasing the production of tubers and improving the main indicators of their quality. The article presents the results of research conducted in 2017-2019 years on improving the nutrition of potato varieties by drip irrigation on southern Chernozem. It was determined the positive influence of mineral fertilizers and foliar nutrition on the background of application of modern biopreparations in the main periods of vegetation of plants on the level of yield of tubers and their quality. It was found that the yield of tubers under the influence of nutrition in the potato variety Minerva grew in the range of 3.0 up to 13.2 t/ha, and in the Riviera variety the yield of tuber grew from 3.2 up to 12.6 t/ha, or respectively by 18.0-79.0% and 16.4-64.6% depending on the variant. In addition to the increase in the yield level, the main properties of tubers were improved by optimizing nutrition - they increased the content of dry substance, vitamin C and starch, the conditional yield of starch per unit area increased, and, if the tubers were processed, the yield of alcohol and bioethanol increased.

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