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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 10, Number 1
Written by Dmytro LADYCHUK, Natalya SHAPORYNSKA, Sergiy LAVRENKO, Nataliia LAVRENKO

The scientific paper presents the experimental data obtained in the course of the environmental and reclamation monitoring of the hydro-geological and reclamation condition of irrigated soils in the southern steppe of Ukraine, their chemical composition is determined. On the basis of the analysis of water and salt regime of the soils in the areas under study for reclamation and water supply construction, on the basis of many years’ research, the study suggests the method for determining agrolandscape typicality considering the properties of soil chemical composition. The basis of this method is the following principle: the confidence intervals of neighboring regression lines coincide (overlap) on a certain interval of values, so they are typical on this interval of values. The study establishes that according to this method the landscapes of Kherson Prysyvashshia and Askania steppes are typical by the specificity of the formation of soil chemical composition by 83.5% that makes it possible to compare the research results obtained on both landscapes and proves the typicality of the field experiment.

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