In order to ensure the high-quality standards of the scientific journals published by the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, the scientific papers received from the authors worldwide are subject to blind peer reviewing by an International Group of experts.


Peer-review policy 

The "Agrolife Scientific Journal" is dedicated to upholding a rigorous and fair peer review process as part of its commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of agronomy and life sciences. All submitted manuscripts are subject to a single-blind peer review process (the identities of the reviewers are kept confidential from the authors to ensure an unbiased and impartial review). Each manuscript is evaluated based on its intellectual content without regard to the race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors. Reviewers are chosen based on their expertise and competence in the field related to the manuscript. They are invited via email and asked to submit their reviewer reports with our online editorial system, being asked to accept or decline this invitation as quickly as possible to prevent delays to authors.

Reviewers are asked to:

  • assess the scientific quality, originality, and relevance of the research considering the points described in the Journal Review Form.
  • provide detailed, constructive comments that will help both the editors make a decision on the publication and the author(s) to improve their manuscript.
  • use both Track Changes directly on manuscript and fill in the Journal Review Form with all the necessary suggestions, recommendations, comments and upload them back on our editorial e-platform.
  • recommend whether a manuscript should be accepted, revised or rejected.
  • alert the editors if they suspect any issues relating to author misconduct such as plagiarism.
  • return their reports within the specified deadline or inform the Editor as soon as possible if they are not able to do so.
  • maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript and declare any potential conflicts of interest that may affect their judgement.

This diligent process assures that only the highest quality, most significant, and innovative research is published in "Agrolife Scientific Journal".


Peer-review objectives and criteria

  1. The Peer-Review Editorial Board members ensure that:
  • the title of the manuscript corresponds to the topics of the journal;
  • the manuscript is original and brings new aspects, opinions, methods, contributions to the field;
  • the manuscript has an adequate scientific content;
  • the manuscript complies with the Instructions for authors.


  1. The International Peer-Review will be ensured by the members of the Scientific Board, who are well-known experts in their field of activity. The peer reviewing take into consideration the following criteria:
  • the Abstract clearly presents the content of the paper;
  • the Introduction section synthetically presents the problem under investigation and presents the main information and results flow existing in the field (state of the art);
  • the Materials and Methods section presents enough information related to materials, equipment and techniques which are suitable described, and methods, standards and measurements which are appropriate to use for the goal of the research;
  • the Results and Discussions section is accurately presented and commented and the outcomes improve the knowledge in the field;
  • the Conclusions section briefly presents the main ideas and results of the research, comprising in a complete, concise and clear perspective;
  • the References section contains recent publication titles, and all the cited sources in the scientific paper are presented in this section;
  • the paper presents actual, original and relevant information and the contribution to the field is significant;
  • technical quality: the appropriate use of terminology; the clearness of the tables, figures, etc;
  • the information in the paper is clearly presented and approached in a logical manner;


Peer-Review Process:





  1. Authors submit the manuscript and the Author Statement on the Submission Section of the Online Platform.
  2. Authors receive an automatic email message, confirming that the file (full paper) has been successfully uploaded on the platform.
  3. Editors perform the preliminary editorial check: manuscripts that don’t meet the requirements of the journal (scope, originality, audience interests, Author Instructions etc.) will be rejected at the editorial level.
  4. Editors assign the the manuscript that meets the journal's requirements to reviewers for blind Peer-Review.
  5. The reviewers evaluate the paper and, if the case, send feedback to the authors (the names of the reviewers are not disclosed in the process).
  6. The authors solve the received feedback, if the case, and re-upload the new modified file (manuscript).The reviewers are notified that the authors have re-uploaded the modified manuscript.
  7. The peer reviewers verify that the feedback has been correctly and completely solved, they fill-in the Review Form and send it to the Editorial Board with the recommendation to accept or reject the manuscript.
  8. Based on the evaluations from the peer reviewers, editors decide to accept or reject the manuscript.
  9. Authors receive an email message, confirming that the manuscript has been accepted for publication or rejected.
  10. Authors pay the publication fee for the accepted papers and upload the copy of the payment documents on the online platform.
  11. The accepted papers print format is validated by the Publishing House.
  12. The final format of the paper is published in electronic format on the Agrolife Scientific Journal website