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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. II, Number 1
Written by Nese UZEN, Ramazan YOLCU, Oner CETIN

Some of the irrigation schemes in Turkey have three main problems in terms of irrigation management and operation. These are (a) inequality on water distribution to the farmers, (b) no obtaining the appropriate benefits from the irrigation projects or irrigation schemes since the inadequacy on irrigation management and (c) insufficient on maintenance of the irrigation schemes. The irrigation schemes in Turkey were operated by the government sector (DSI, State Hydraulic Works) up to 1994. After then, DSI has transferred the irrigation schemes to the Water User Associations (WUA). Devegeçidi Irrigation Scheme located in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey receives irrigation water from Devegecidi Dam. Total project area is 10044 ha however 6900 ha of this area is planned to irrigate. On the other hand, although cotton was planned as 13%, the realized rate of cotton area was ranged from 12% through 97% according to the years. The mainly cultivated crops are cotton, cereals and vegetables. The capacity of the main conveyor canal is 9 m3/s. The practically irrigated area was ranged from 4250 ha through 5800 ha depending on years. Some farmers do not irrigate the fields because of fallow and the lack of maintenance on irrigation schemes. Some farmers can not get the water because the fields are the far to the irrigation schemes or water can not be reached to the end of the scheme. In addition the over irrigation is another problem. The irrigation methods are border (75 %), furrow (17%) and sprinkler irrigation (8%). Although the water which is flowed to the scheme is measured, it is not measured at the distribution points in the fields. Approximately 31% of the total water are surface runoff. The main problems in the irrigation scheme are inappropriate institutionalization, no measuring water and no applying the penalties to the farmers. All these cause over irrigation and lower irrigation performances. In this article, the main problems on irrigation management and operation are discussed and some critical solutions are also presented.

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