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Flavonoid profiles, polyphenolic content and antiradical properties of cultivated plants of Arnica montana

Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. 2 Issue 2
Written by Milena NIKOLOVA, Antonina VITKOVA, Ely ZAYOVA, Maria PETROVA

Total flavonoid and phenolic content, antiradical properties and external flavonoid profiles on extracts of six samples of flower heads of cultivated Arnica montana was assessed. The studied samples were compared in relation to location of cultivation, origin of the seeds, time of harvesting, method of propagation: in vitro and in vivo. Four flavonoid aglycones were detected of examined exudates by co-chromatography with known compounds - scutellarein-6-methyl ether (hispidulin), scutellarein 6,4’-dimethyl ether (pectolinarigenin), 6-hydroxyluteolin 6-methyl ether and kaempferol 6-methyl ether. Quality differences in flavonoid composition were not observed between the studied samples while quantitative variations of total flavonoid and phenolic content were detected but in the most cases they a statistically not significant. The highest antioxidant properties displayed the samples from in vivo grown plants. As a result of the present preliminary study it was established that the best values of studied parameters showed the sample of in vivo grown plants, from seeds with Ukrainian origin, cultivated in Rhodope Mountain, collected at full flowering stage.

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