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Benincasa hispida – the main results of the cultivation of this plant in Romania

Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. 2 Issue 2
Written by Carina DOBRE, Elena TOMA

The experimental research regarding the cultivation of Benincasa hispida (commonly known like winter melon, wax gourd or ash gourd) in Romania was for the first time conducted in the ‘60s. Over time, the proprieties of this plant were analysed by various researchers but until present didn’t exist a scientific result regarding the commercial cultivation of this plant in our country. To support the research regarding the cultivation of BHS in Romania we conducted in the last two years an experimental field to observe the adaptation of this plant to the local agropedoclimatic conditions. The research was carried out in an ecological field from south of Romania from a plain area. The results obtain demonstrate that the plant has adapted to the climatic condition from the 2012-2013 period and our main conclusion is that BHS can be grown in our country with good technological performances.

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