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Psysicochemical properties of bakery-stable fillings made from unpeeled peaches

Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. 2 Issue 2
Written by Janna CROPOTOVA, Svetlana POPEL, Alexandra COLESNICENCO, Ludmila MELNICENCO

Fruit samples of 20 yellow-fleshed peach of the variety “Collins” were collected from the experimental orchards of. “Surinmih”, Ltd (Rezina region, Lalovo village, Republic of Moldova) in July 2013, and stored frozen at -20ºC for one month. These were tested for pH, soluble solids and total titratable acidity before being used in fruit filling production. The same physicochemical characteristics were determined in fillings prepared from these peaches, and the difference between the quality parameters of raw material and the final product was established. This study also addresses the impact of adding heat-stable complex containing gellan gum and amylopectin starch in the peach filling prepared in open kettles on the total polyphenol content. We investigated how total polyphenols from the unpeeled peach puree thawed after one month of freezer storage were affected by short-time concentration during fruit filling preparation and how heat-stable complex was able to save a part of these essential compounds. Our results indicate that processing peach puree into fruit fillings resulted in decreasing the total polyphenols, but the finished products could still be considered excellent sources of these bioactive compounds after adding heat-stable complex containing gellan gum and amylopectin starch.

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