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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 3, Number 1
Written by Nicoleta RADU, Ana Aurelia CHIRVASE, Sanda VELEA, Narcisa BABEANU, Ovidiu POPA, Renata STEPONAVICIENE, Fantxoa HASTARAN

Due to the increasingly ageing population and the demand for improved quality of life, the life sciences sector has strong growth potential (8.3% growth in 2007), the sustainable development applications being of utmost interest. But most of the countries recently entered the European Union, with real academic base in Life Sciences, and with an important request towards business of added value, lack of competences and skills to develop innovative companies in the domain. The situation in Romania was identified by the analyses did by the Romanian Society of Bioengineering and Biotechnology and compared with other EU countries, members of the European Federation of Biotechnology. The project will develop learning curricula and contents to be delivered to target-group by blended learning in order to provide training in business enhancement in life sciences for sustainable development applications. Two products from these foreign partners will be transferred, by integrating them, but also by adapting to an economic sector of interest and by introducing modern blended learning systems, and by increasing the value with a new specific content dedicated to sustainable life sciences applications. The enterprise business in life sciences module will complementary treat the Intellectual Property issues. The impact will be on 3 levels: (1) short term: acknowledge the key competences and skills needed to develop business in sustainable development applications of life sciences and develop blended learning by testing the training on a representative selection of persons from the target group; (2) medium term: formation in the involved countries and at EU level of a general vision about the training in the field of interest as products and methodologies; (3) long term: at EU level introduction into educational and vocational systems of advanced and coherent learning tools to enhance the needed competences.

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