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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol 1, Issue 1

The aim of this paper is to inform the employees of the agrarian sector in Serbia about the key elements necessary for the effective international marketing activities of the company. Namely, the previous period was dominated by a production orientation which had not respect for market requirements. Agricultural enterprises in Serbia lost the brand and traditional markets. A way out of crisis requires a constitution of market-oriented enterprises, implying a number of structural changes directed toward the improvement of business efficiency and adjustment to market requirements. Namely, the current volume and structure of agricultural production, its high extensiveness and fluctuation and low productivity, together with the inefficient organization of production and payment operations, and the inefficient strategies of all types of agriculture enterprises which insufficiently take market signals into account – are the basic factors that prevent domestic producers from becoming competitive in food and agriculture products. The paper shows that it is necessary to reexamine the existing and develop new business and international marketing strategies of the agricultural producers, based not only on developing the producers' capacities but also on the awareness of the consumer, new technologies, market approaches and other contemporary market principles. In doing so, the awareness of market approaches – the constant and intensive market changes – is the first and basic supposition on which it would be wise to base new strategies that are different from the competitors’ in innovation, technology and quality. New strategies, conditionally, must also include the provision of critical money supply, as well as stimulating the agrarian policy, which enables us to keep up with the up-to-date market, technological and marketing trends.

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