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Species and cultivars of trees and shrubs suitable for urban agriculture

Published in Scientific Papers. Series "AgroLife Journal", Vol. 4 ISSUE 1
Written by Viorica BALAN, Ioana TUGUI, Adrian ASANICA, Valerica TUDOR

Urban agriculture is a concept that has great potential growth in developed countries, where the urbanization rate will increase by FAO data to 65%, by the year 2025. The rate of urbanization is growing also in the other countries, sustainable development of the developing countries an urban development of rural areas, e.g. situation of Romania. Feeding and especially the food which contributes to the growing urban population health becomes an issue of national strategy. The role of fruit in general and ecological in particular, especially remarked in balanced dietis certainly undeniable. For this reason is therefore very important to encourage the increasing number of trees in urban area sand of course the diversification of species and varieties of trees and shrubs grown. Successful implementation of such a strategy is based among others on knowledge. In this knowledge, we want to make our contribution by presenting the results of research synthesis developed over the years 2007-2014 at USAMV Bucharest, regarding the fruit growing ecosystem sustainability and increasing the diversity of species and varieties of trees and shrubs adapted to the urban agriculture.

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