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Policies to reduce the impact of climate changes on the agriculture and environmentfrom speech to practice

Published in Scientific Papers. Series "AgroLife Journal", Vol. 4 ISSUE 1
Written by Alexandru-Marian CHIPER

In the last 50 years, at global level, the industry, agriculture, transport infrastructure and services have gone through a long process of transformation, both of intensive as well as extensive nature. The mutations occurred due to the demographic duplication and also social structure changing, this fast development was supported by the research and technological progress. Of course, the other side of the picture is the massive pollution, with serious consequences for the environment and in chain negative effects, at planetary level. If at first these phenomena had not a major interest for the scientific community, today they represent an area of major interest for the quantitative research, sometimes being a matter of interdisciplinary dispute, but often a factor of synergy, political, legal, technical and of course scientific. In this article we summarize the main national and international policies to adapt to the effects of climate changes and to reduce their impact on the agriculture and environment, through presenting the main legislative measures and the existing operational plans, formulated according the research results in this area. At the same time, this paper addresses to the agriculture specialists and officials from the administrative sphere, in order to identify and reduce the effects of this phenomenon over the agriculture and environment.

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