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Micropropagation and encapsulation useful combination for nurseries

Published in Scientific Papers. Series "AgroLife Journal", Vol. 4 ISSUE 1
Written by Maurizio MICHELI, Alvaro STANDARDI

Encapsulation and micropropagation technologies were summarized and discussed as tools to exchange and to propagate valuable genotypes respectively. Each of these technologies shows advantages and problems for large and commercial diffusion whereas their integration represents a considerable innovation for the future nursery. In fact, uninodal microcuttings excised from in vitro proliferated axillary shoots or adventitious microshoots, both 3-4 mm long, can be encapsulated in a protective and nutritive covering after appropriates root induction treatments to obtain synthetic seeds. They are plant structures free from parasites, viruses included, and in several species able to convert in whole plantlets under in vitro or in vivo conditions after storage and transport, like the zygotic seeds. In other words the combination of the micropropagation with the encapsulation permits to reach the advantages of both technologies in one tool (the synthetic seed) characterized by high cloning efficiency, perfect sanitary plantlet conditions, reduced space requirements and size, resistance to handling, storability, and transport. Some problems have to be solved before large scale diffusion of this innovative combination which can represents a promising tool for the future nurseries

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