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Research on milk production at goats from Carpathian breed in relation with breeding system

Published in Scientific Papers. Series "AgroLife Journal", Vol. 4 ISSUE 1
Written by Ion RADUCUTA, Ion CALIN, Emilia (RADUCUTU) ION, Carmen Georgeta NICOLAE, Monica Paula MARIN, Horia Ion PRISECEANU

This paper aims to quantify the qualitative and quantitative parameters of milk production at goats from Carpathian breed in relation with the breeding system (extensive versus semi-intensive). To determine the total quantity of milk, the milk production control it included suckling period of kids and milking period of goats. For determining the quality of milk it was made the analysis of chemical composition of milk in the main constituents, namely water and dry matter, content of fat, protein, lactose and minerals. The biological material studied in this paper was represented by the adult goats from Carpathian breed belonging of two private farms from the south region of country. The size of the control group during the whole lactation was 25 heads for each farm. The research took into account two farms of goats differentiated by breeding system practiced, respectively extensive and semi-intensive. The obtained results showed that regarding the quantitative milk production the best performance was achieved by animals from semi-intensive farm (253.21 liters versus 208.50 liters) and in terms of milk quality by the animals from extensive farm

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