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Costbenefit analysis of bioconversion neufchatel whey intorectified ethanol and organic liquid fertilizer in semi pilot scale

Published in Scientific Papers. Series "AgroLife Journal", Vol. 4 ISSUE 1
Written by Gemilang Lara UTAMA, Lobo Balia ROOSTITA, Tubagus Benito Achmad KURNANI, SUNARDI

Aims of the study was to determine the cost-benefit analysis in neufchatel whey bioconversion into rectified ethanol and organic liquid fertilizer. Bioconversion whey into rectified ethanol and organic liquid fertilizer has shown great potential as a way to reduce the pollution resulting from cheese-making process. Semi pilot scale experiment was done to ferment 5 L neufchatel whey using 5% K. lactis at 33°C for 24 h in semi anaerobic plastic container without agitation and then distilled into 96.2% purity. Data collected and analyzed descriptively related to benefit cost ratio/BCR, net present value/NPV and internal rate returns/IRR. The result showed that semi pilot scale bioconversion of neufchatel whey resulting in 106.42 ml rectified ethanol and 4404.22 ml distillery residue. Economic benefit could achieved by the support of distillery residue sales as organic liquid fertilizer.

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