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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 5, Number 1
Written by Maria POPA, Alina LAŢO, Mihai CORCHEŞ, Isidora RADULOV, Adina BERBECEA, Florin CRISTA, Lucian NIŢĂ, Karel Iaroslav LAŢO, Dorin POPA

The paper aimed to present the quality of some soils from the West Region from Romania. The soil types who were studied occupied a surface of 54250 ha in the south part of Timiş Department and the East part of Caraş-Severin Department. This two part of departments are included in one area named Barzava Plain. It was made analyses in two depths 0-20 cm and 20-40 cm and was studied some physical and chemical properties of soils like pH, soil texture, humus content, total nitrogen content, P2O5 content and K2O content. The main soil types who was founded in this area is Fluvisols (gleyic, vertic and haplic) on 6.72% from the entire surface, Chernozems (calcic, haplic, gleyic, hyposodic, vertic, luvic) on 6.97% from the surface, Haplic Phaeozems, Cambisols (mollic and gleyi-eutric) on 0.5% from the surface, Luvisols (vertic and stagnic) on 39.4% from the surface, Haplic Luvisols on 5.49% from the surface, Vertisols (pellic-gleyic and pellic-stagnic) on 27.66% from the surface, Gleysols (haplic and mollic) on 3.08% from the surface, Stagnosols (haplic and vertic) on 3.08 from the surface and Antrosols on 1.80% from the surface. The soil analyses was made on Laboratory from Soil Science Department from Faculty of Agriculture on Timişoara. The obtained results was compared with the Romanian Pedological Studies Elaborating Methodology, 1987.

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