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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 5, Number 2
Written by Carmen Georgeta NICOLAE, Nicoleta IȘFAN, Gratziela Victoria BAHACIU, Monica Paula MARIN, Liliana Mihaela MOGA

The food market needs are generated by human social needs. Thus, fish and fishery products traceability involves the knowing of the issues related to distribution chain of the fishery products. Aspects as safety and quality along the distribution chain are identified and this is necessary to be known in order to eliminate the differences between the social needs and requests. For preventing the Malassis effect and maintaining the food request beyond the saturation area, it needs to know the consumer typology. In order to have a wide and clear image of the fish and fishery market, we have conducted a study on 176 consumers. The items were structured in a certain way which allowed us, after data processing, to identify the consumption and buying habits by age category, living environment and occupational field of the subjects. The statistic interferences shown that people aged between 30-55 years (82.60%) prefer live fish, young people, younger than 30 years (60.97%) prefer fresh fish and/or seafood (43.90%). The most of the respondents (60.00%) prefer to buy from specialized stores (fisheries) and 27.50% direct from the producer. The analysis of the factors that influence the consumer decision to buy fish / fishery products shown that are interesting in the conditions of fish deposit and exploitation (maximum 84%). The results of this study can serve as an informing material for the fish processing area and industry. This is offering a commercial diagnosis of the market, accordingly to the influence of the use of information provided by traceability, on the intention to buy fish /fishery products in the future.

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