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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 5, Number 2
Written by Andra Marina NUȚĂ, Ștefan DIACONESCU, Tiberius DĂNĂLACHE, Radu FILEP, Carmen Georgeta NICOLAE

The paper aims to present the evolution of the ichtyofauna from Comana Nature Park, since 2011, on the watercourses of the Neajlov River, Comana Pond or Neajlov Delta, Gurbanu river and Putu-Greci ponds. In the past, have been identified on these waterways inside of the protected area, fish species protected at national and community level, such as grig (Cobitis taenia), eel (Misgurnus fossilis), boart (Rhodeus sericeus amarus), glossy ibis (Umbra krameri), or endemic - Comana chub (Leuciscus borys thenicus). In 2011 it was finished a project for ecological restoration of the Neajlov Delta, that which built a dam on the river Neajlov, the results being flooding the pond and getting a permanent body of water by 40%. The effects of this ecological restoration were the increased of populations of birds and especially fish eating populations, improvement of the habitat and recovering of whole aquatic ecosystem. It is required that the process of monitoring the fish species to continue because is very important to know them evolution as a result of the implementation of the ecological reconstruction, and also to monitor the other wetlands from the protected area for identified the effect of restoration on them. The importance of the research is that the declaration of the nature park was based on existing inventories of species in 1998, and the absence of updates based on extensive research, makes that the management of the area becoming ineffective.

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