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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 6, Number 1
Written by Tiberiu CONSTANTIN, Iulia PARASCHIV, Todoru SOARE, Andreea ISTRATE, Manuella MILITARU, Ion Alin BÎRȚOIU

Different clinical and paraclinical methods were used to investigate some reproductive indices. In this work 42 Holstein cows, between 21 and 62 days in milk (DIM), were examined by rectal palpation (RP), vaginoscopy (V), endocervical (ECC) and endometrial (EMC) cytological exam. Cervicitis was diagnosed when the second cervical fold was swollen and prolapsed with or without reddening. Cytobrush technique and cotton swab technique were used to take cytology samples at 21-33 DIM (PMN ≥8%), at 34-47 (PMN ≥6%) DIM and 48-62 DIM (PMN ≥4%) and stained using Diff-Quick. The percentage of neutrophils in the uterus and the cervix as indicators of inflammation was determined. Also, for reproductive management it was used uterine histopathologial (HPT) exam in another 12 puerperal cows. Conventional microscopic examination of the tissue sections allowed visualization of histological changes such as normal structure, infiltrate of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN), hiperemia, moderate acute endometritis, periferal hemorragies secundar to biposy and hemosiderosis. In total, 78.57% (11/14) of femals had a normal cervix and, after using cytobrush method it was observed that 5 from 14 cows had over 91.08% of PMN. The incidence of subclinical endometritis was recorded as 60.71% (17/28). Another conclusion is that cervical swab cytology is not a good method compared to cytobrush technique that is reliable. Using cytobrush the incidence of subclinical endometritis was recorded as 60.71% (17/28). Endometrial biopsy in postpartum dairy cows might be useful and accurate procedure for detecting existence and severity of endometritis.

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