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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 6, Number 1
Written by Georgiana PLOPEANU, Eugenia GAMENŢ, Mariana MARINESCU, Nicoleta VRÎNCEANU, Vera CARABULEA

Initially, each soil type has a certain level of acidity depending on the composition, the natural vegetation, the amount of rainfall and various other factors that cause changes in soil pH over time. Soil amendment in order to obtain an optimal pH improves also the yields for long-term. This paper refersto the selection of an agriculture lime material to be used in experiments on acidity correction of an acid soil. In Romania, according to official data are obtained annually approximately 75 000 t of steel slag. If the slag is not dangerous for the environment and public health, then the priority should be given to the use of recycled materials. Considered an unconventional amendment, steel slag was selected taking into account its quality and association with legislation. Steel slag presented an Amendment Neutralization Potential very high (ANP = 114%) reported to the content of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide. Steel slag can be considered a mineral amendment used to improve soil acidity, and also a source of calcium and magnesium. Using steel slag as amendment for acid soils can be considered a potential and significant environmental risk, which is why the whole process of amendment must be conducted in terms of environmental protection.

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