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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 7, Number 1
Written by Valentin TUDOR, Gheorghe Florinel BRUDAȘCĂ, Mihaela NICULAE, Emoke PALL, Carmen Dana ȘANDRU, Vlad NEGRUŢIU, Silvana POPESCU, Marina SPÎNU

The study aimed at investigating the presence of various variants of the IBV by RT-PCR in Romania, the territory being divided into four main regions: Q1-North West (n=78), Q2-North East (n=68), Q3-South East (n=173) and Q4-South West (n=53) to provide information for improvement of vaccination protocols and IBV infection overall control strategies. Two types of RT-PCR were applied to characterise the strains from the 33 farms. Numerous variants of the IBV virus were identified in different farms of the four major regions of Romania, with the obvious dominance of 4/91. Nevertheless, the identified pathotypes, of which some not mentioned in Romania, like Xinandi which might have been “imported” from Turkey or D1466, mentioned elsewhere in Europe, did not overlap the vaccine strains, leading to the clinical expression of the disease with different degrees of severeness, which stands for IBV versatile character and potential re-combinations occurring in spite of affiliation of certain variants to various geographical areas.

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