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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 7, Number 1
Written by Iuliana ZAHARIA, Linda REISSIG, Gina FÎNTÎNERU, Adina Magdalena IORGA

Romanian farmers’ burnout rate is investigated through a questionnaire for explorative studies to cover the most commune influences on burnout, integrating original items with selective scales from COPSOQ II. The sample (n=241) joins men 65% and women 35% predominantly aged 40-54 years, medium studies, living in partnership, practicing conventional type of farming within rural areas mainly from 5/8 Romanian development regions, surface of farms lower than 10 ha 57% and 50+ha 23%, ownership of the farm “owner” 50% and “both partners owner” 30%; 58% of the respondents are farm manager, 61% work full-time within the farm. Top 5 (agricultural) pressure factors are: extreme weather events, managerial responsibility, economic pressure, heavy financial burden, lack of leisure. Within the burnout rate (8%), by gender females are almost three times more exposed comparing with males; the most exposed age category is 55-65 years; by double-pressure those who are not in this category are higher compromised (9%) than the others (5%) - which could be interpreted as more work, up to a certain level, involves more engagement and motivation so less chances for burnout and/or depression.

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