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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 8, Number 2
Written by Anca MANOLE, Cristian BANCIU, Ioana Cătălina PAICA, Mihnea VLADIMIRESCU, Gabriel Mihai MARIA

The latest assessment of world vascular plant diversity showed that the current rate of their extinction has reached unprecedented high values. Biodiversity loss is driven mainly by anthropogenic causes as habitat destruction and climate changes. Being adapted to cold climate conditions, glacial relict species are particularly vulnerable to present global warming. Ligularia sibirica (L.) Cass. is a typical glacial relict plant species with medicinal value, native in Romaniaʼs Flora and protected under Annex II of Habitats Directive. Although at national level the species is protected in situ within Natura 2000 sites, its natural populations are declining. In order to sustain species in situ protection, complementary ex situ conservation measures should be taken. The aim of present study was to develop an efficient protocol to introduce species seed onto a seed bank, for long-term ex situ conservation of plant germplasm. Banked seeds will be a valuable source of plant material for further studies on species active compounds, natural population reinforcement of for habitat rehabilitation.

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