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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 8, Number 2
Written by Volodymyr VLASENKO, Olha BAKUMENKO, Olena OSMACHKO, Vasyl BILOKOPYTOV, Fanhua MENG, Oleksandr HUMENIUK

The research results of different periods (1996-2006 and 2012-2016) as for adaptive potential of the Chinese winter wheat assortment under the conditions of the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine are given in this article. 124 samples of Chinese origin were studied under the condition of the right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine (1996-2006). Jimai 24, Jimai 30, 97- 13, 97-46, Dongfeng 1, Handan 4564, FAN 20, Yumai 14, 89 Zhong 108, 89 Zhong 2 showed relatively satisfactory winter resistance. A larger number of samples retained their biological peculiarity - earliness of ripening and dwarfness. As for resistance to leaf diseases the Chinese assortment was characterized negatively under the conditions of the rightbank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. It was very non-resistant to powdery mildew. About 70% of the forms were susceptible to the pathogen. The samples were also greatly destroyed with brown rust. Only 12% of the forms were relatively more resistant at the level and above of the standard. The leave damage with septoria disease was about 50% but it was less than resistance with powdery mildew and brown rust. None of the studied forms of Chinese origin significantly exceeded the yield standard. Under the conditions of the left-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine (2012-2016) 50 new wheat varieties of Chinese origin were studied: ultra-early ripening - 10%; early ripening - 54%; med-early ripening - 12%; mid-ripening - 24%. All studied samples showed comparatively satisfactory index of winter resistance (score 6.4-7.9). 16% of the studied genotypes were characterized by high resistance to overwinter, to the leaf disease and the crop yield: Longzhong 2, Longzhong 3, DF 529, Longzhong 4, Longzhong 7, Shijiazhuang 8, Longzhong 10, Longzhong 12. Comparing the obtained results, it was searched out that under the conditions of the left-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine the Chinese winter wheat assortment realized its genetic potential better.

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