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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Volume 11, Number 1
Written by Gabriela MACRA, Florin SALA

The study evaluated the variation of biological yield in wheat, the Alex variety, under the influence of nitrogen and foliar biostimulator. Nitrogen was applied to the ground, in five variants (N0, N50, N100, N150, N200), in doses between 0 to 200 kg ha-1. The Superfifty biostimulator (Sf) was applied foliar, six variants (Sf0, Sf1, Sf2, Sf3, Sf4, Sf5) on each level of N fertilization, in concentrations between 0 - 5 L ha-1. Biological yield was determined in the BBCH code 9 stage. The variation of the biological yield of wheat, Alex cultivar, under the influence of fertilization with Superfifty product, in the six concentrations tested, on the five levels of N, was described by polynomial equations of order 2 and 3, in statistical safety conditions. The regression analysis evidenced the variation of biological yield, as the direct influence and interaction of the two factors (N and Sf), in general conditions of statistical safety, according to R2 = 0.984, p <0.001. The ANOVA test confirmed the statistical certainty of the values of the coefficients of the obtained equation (p = 0.00749 for a; p<<0.001 for b; p<<0.001 for c; p<0.001 for d; p<<0.001 for e).

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