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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. II, Number 1
Written by Huub LELIEVELD

A billion people are starving or severely undernourished but migration from rural areas to cities will not alleviate this. The situation can, however, be significantly improved by focussing on the actual problems where they occur and address these problems, using the vast amount of knowledge and experience that can be made available and by applying affordable technologies, such as needed for irrigation and reducing post-harvest losses. This cannot be done, however, without teaching the population also how to do this. In addition, smallholder farmers need to learn that cooperation will strengthen their position in negotiations conditions with traders. In areas where food production is scarce, arable land should not be used for breeding of animals for meat as it will be at the expense of growing crops, delivering at least five times less food per surface area. All children should receive at least primary education to ensure that knowledge is retained and will continue to be applied in the future.

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