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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. II, Number 1
Written by Adrian ASĂNICĂ, Valerica TUDOR, Răzvan TEODORESCU

The key for a successful investment in the sweet cherry orchard management consists in the way we choose the right cultivar/rootstock combination in conjunction with modern technological inputs and interventions. A testing plot is needed in the future orchard location or in the nearest area in order to have a precise response of the sweet cheery cultivars/rootstocks to the specific climatic and soil features. In this regard, we aimed to test ten sweet cherry/rootstock combinations such as: Kordia/Colt, Kordia/PHLC, Ferrovia/Colt, Ferrovia/PHLC, Skeena/Colt, Skeena/PHLC, Van/PHLC, FirmRed/CAB6P, GiantRed/CAB6P and EarlyRed/CAB11E. The experimental plot was established in the Faculty of Horticulture orchard, in Bucharest area, in 2009. Since then, biometrical and phenological data was collected and revealed EarlyRed/CAB11E and FirmRed/CAB6P as the most vigorous combinations. 20% reduced vigour was observed in the trees grafted on PHLC comparative to the same cultivars grafted on Colt. The highest yield was calculated for Ferrovia/Colt but the largest and most attractive fruit were noticed in GiantRed and FirmRed grafted on CAB6P.

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