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Published in AgroLife Scientific Journal, Vol. II, Number 1
Written by Liviu DEJEU, Georgeta Mihaela BUCUR, Ion DAMIAN

Pietroasa is known by two local treasures: the treasure „Hen with golden chickens” and the wines produced here, especially the Tamâioasa româneasca and Grasa. In 1893, thus 120 years, at Pietroasa, one of the first nurseries in the countries was created, as a measure taken by the state for the production of viticultural planting material. From here, new solutions and methods of viticultural planting material production, choosing new varieties, establishing plantations, vine growing and wine production, continuously started growing, in the Romanian vitiviniculture. Extensive experiments performed here allowed the publication of valuable works by many leading personalities for the viticulture and agriculture of the country: G. Nicoleanu, I.C. Teodorescu, Gh. Constantinescu, T. Savulescu and others. Pietroasa Research and Development Station for Viticulture and Enology distinguished itself the last decades, also by enriching the assortment by new and valuable grapes varieties: Otilia, Timpuriu of Pietroasa, Centenar Pietroasa, Istrita and Alb aromat.

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